English Pear & Freesia - Jo Malone - Pure Body Perfume / Pati Perfume [15mL - 5kg]
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✅ Direct Europe Imported
✅ 100% Pure Body Perfume / Pati Perfume
✅ No Other Chemical / Additives
✅ Premium and Long Lasting Scents
✅ Best for Making of Body Perfume 


⬇️ Product Details:

  1. Product Name: Pure Body Perfume / Pati Minyak Wangi / Fine Fragrance
  2. Scent: For Her / For Him / Unisex
  3. Origin: Europe
  4. Appearance: Liquid
  5. Purity: Pure Pati / Essence
  6. Characteristics: Premium Scent, Long Lasting

⬇️ Product Uses:

  1. Manufacturing / Making of body perfume
  2. Manufacturing / Making of cosmetic product

*Note: This product is original pure perfume / fine fragrance, addition of solvent or other perfume components are required for making perfume end product.

⬇️ Available Packing from the Store:

  1. 15mL
  2. 100mL
  3. 250mL
  4. 500mL
  5. 1 kg
  6. 5 kg


[ Looking for Bulk Purchase / Larger Packing? ] 
We welcome all enquiry and offer lower cost for bulk purchase and large volume order. Our products are supplied to various factories and businesses. Feel free to contact us for more info.

⬇️ Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a pure pati perfume?
    • Pure pati perfume is concentrated form and pure essence of a body perfume that carry the aroma and real scent of a body perfume. It is the basic and most important component in making a body perfume. Without a good pure pati perfume, a good body perfume making is not possible
  2. How is the application of our pure pati perfume in a body perfume?
    • Our pure pati perfume is the first and most important component to be added in the making of body perfume, with the percentage of pure pati perfume varies among different perfume type. The pati perfume is then mixed with solvent (we also supply perfume solvent) and other supporting components. Mixing formulation varies based on user and manufacturer preferences and requirements.
  3. What is the source of supply for our pure fragrance oil?
    • Our fragrance oil are imported from world class international fragrance company with trusted and premium quality.
  4. What is so special about our pure pati perfume?
    • All our pure pati perfume comes with high purity and concentrated essence resulting in the ability of creating high quality and long lasting smell with low dosage. Our pure pati perfume is 100% pure without addition of any chemicals or solvent.​​​​​
    • It is the key difference that makes our products stands out from the common available product in the market.
    • Despite supplying high purity and concentrated pati perfume, we ensure that all of our product are offered in competitive pricing.


**Disclaimer: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. We has no affiliation with the manufacturer and/or designer of the original perfumes. The fine fragrance used in our range are imported and the interpretation of these fine fragrances have been created through analysis and reverse engineering. The purpose of this description is to give the customers an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent them to be exact copies.

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