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Perfume Grade Ethanol Alcohol 95% [1L - 25L]
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✅ Raw Materials for Cosmetic Products & Perfume
✅ Direct source from Malaysia leading ethanol factory
✅ Available in perfume / cosmetic grade
✅ Natural source from fermentation of sugarcane molasses
✅ Premium quality 
✅ Factory and wholesale price
✅ Available for bulk purchase

⬇️ Product Details:

  1. Product Name: Perfume Grade Denatured Ethanol Alcohol 95%
  2. Chemical Name: Denatured Ethyl Alcohol (DEA)
  3. Chemical Formula: C2H5OH
  4. Grade: Perfume/Cosmetic Grade
  5. Purity: 95%
  6. Colour: Clear


⬇️ Product Uses:

  1. Solvent for cosmetic product
  2. Solvent for varnishes and perfumes
  3. Preparation of essences and flavorings
  4. Ingredients for manufacturing of disinfection product
  5. Universal solvent

⬇️ Available Packing from the Store::
1. 1000mL (1.0L)
2. 5000mL (5.0L)


Looking for Bulk Purchase / Larger Packing? 
We welcome all enquiry and offer lower price for bulk purchase and large volume order. Our products are supplied to various factories and businesses. Feel free to contact us via whatsapp, call or email for more info. 

⬇️ Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where is the source of supply of our ethanol? 
    • Our ethanol is direct from a leading local ethanol manufacturing plant in Malaysia.
  2. How is our ethanol produced?
    • Our ethanol was produced from fermentation via molasses of natural sugarcane
  3. Is ethanol a raw materials for manufacturing perfume?
    • Yes
  4. Why is the ethanol called denatured ethanol/alcohol?
    • According to regulations,  small % of denaturing agent is added  into pure ethanol to make the ethanol undrinkable. Aside from the denaturing agent, denatured ethanol is exactly the same as normal ethanol. The denaturants are added to ensure that the ethanol cannot be consumed as a spirit


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